What’s PHP

What's PHP

PHP stands for HyperText Preprocessor.
PHP is an interpreted language, i.e. there isn't any want for compilation.
PHP is a server aspect scripting language.
PHP is quicker than different scripting language e.g. asp and jsp.
PHP information have extension “.php”
PHP is an object-oriented language.
PHP is an open-source scripting language.

PHP Options
There are given many options of PHP.

Efficiency: Script written in PHP executes a lot sooner then these scripts written in different languages corresponding to JSP & ASP.
Open Supply Software program: PHP supply code is free out there on the net, you possibly can developed all of the model of PHP based on your requirement with out paying any price.
Platform Unbiased: PHP can be found for WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX & UNIX working system. A PHP software developed in a single OS will be simply executed in different OS additionally.
Compatibility: PHP is suitable with nearly all native servers used immediately like Apache, IIS and so forth.
Embedded: PHP code will be simply embedded inside HTML tags and script.